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Customer Value Analysis
Analyze customer-owned products and trading behaviors to predict the potential value of customers and maximize customer value

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the competition among financial institutions has become increasingly fierce. The competition for customer resources has gradually surpassed traditional product competition and service competition, which has become a new focus of competition for financial institutions. In the era of customer economy, the core of modern financial institution management is value management. This new type of financial institution's values urgently requires financial institutions to change their operating mechanisms in perspective of survival and development, actively introduce customer value management concepts and foster financial institutions’ competitive advantages of sustainable development.

Customer value analysis solution employs in-depth analysis of the value contribution of different industries and different customers, provides the differentiated service plans for different customers, meet the personalized needs of different value customers, improve customer loyalty and retention rate, and achieve the continuous contribution of customer value, in order to comprehensively improve corporate capacity of profitability.

Precision Marketing and Customer Segmentation