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Reinforce product cross-selling with data analysis technology, improve the comprehensive value of customers

With the homogenization of financial products, the integration of customer needs and the impact of Internet finance, customer loyalty of commercial banking has declined, and the cost of customer acquirement and product marketing have risen rapidly. From the development trend of domestic and foreign banks, the extensive development focusing on incremental customers has transformed to the fine management focusing on deep-rooted customers. Relying on product cross-selling has become the key to sustainable development under the normal banking industry and improve customer value contribution.

Cross-selling solution enables to help banks in building the effective cross-selling foundation, through data analysis and mining technology services of which, reasonable capture the historical behavior of customers, define customers’ requirements and make rational customer categorization, and coordinate with banks’ own scale and development goal to formulate cross-selling strategies that suit for their characteristics, facilitate the differentiated competition and development, increase banks’ benefits.

Precision Marketing and Customer Segmentation