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Corporate-level Application Fraud Detection and Prevention
Application fraud prevention and control platforms applying hybrid detection methods and technologies to detect and prevent the various fraud such as individual, group and event frauds etc. for the known, the unknown and the complex fraud patterns

The risk of applying for fraud is causing incalculable losses to financial institutions every day, and the prevention and control of application fraud is increasingly attracting the attention of financial institutions. After the initial rapid sprinting, many financial institutions found that the customers they have acquired did not bring value and benefits to themselves. Instead, they ate a lot of money without knowing it, which seriously jeopardized the survival of the company. The current application fraud risk has not only increased with the growth of business, it has been found that many nascent companies are more vulnerable to the threat of application fraud. Disability to effectively prevent and application fraud risks at the beginning of the establishment of the company will likely bring disaster to the business.

SCAI employs a hybrid integrated fraud prevention and control platform that is fully tested in the Chinese market, which not only can quickly and effectively introduce the newly mature fraud control results, but also the developed architecture gives customers almost unlimited expansion possibilities.

Fraud Detection and Prevention