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Deep Learning Network Analysis (DNA)
Discover the real social relationships between entities, discover fraud networks or marketing network relationships.

Social network relationships analysis has become an extremely popular technology in recent years. Traditional analysis technology are limited to the analysis and detection of individuals, and social network analysis introduces the level of social relationship analysis, which improves the analysis level, and the problem can be solved by adopting a “downward dimension strike” approach.

SCAI employs technologies including many-to-many fuzzy matching and graph theory to build a no hierarchy restricted network analysis technology. Based on an open and flexible system architecture and a large number of user-defined configurations, users have unlimited expansion possibilities. SCAU social network analysis technology can help users not only be limited to events and the level of customers, but also discover the potential relationships and the potential fraud risks or the implied customer relationships with the support of many-to-many fuzzy matching technology.

Fraud Detection and Prevention