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Customer Portraits
According to the user's various attributes, information, consumption habits and consumer behavior data, employe analysis technologies and tool products, outline the customer's overall picture.

It has always been the dream of each enterprise to understand the customer's demands, willingness and risks. However, it is always hard to balance the understanding of the customer (KYC) and the customer experience. During the phase of customer acquisition or customer relationship maintenance, customer may annoyed or get lose if too detailed customer information is required or frequent contact with customers, and the ever-increasing market competition makes the protection of the customer experience unresolved. Protecting the customer experience and gaining insight into the customer's internal situation has become the goal of customer portrait technology.

SCAI combines social network analysis, fuzzy matching, clustering and other technologies to bring multi-dimensional corporate portraits based on social network relationships, which not only reflect the characteristics tags of clients themsevelves, but also fully display the social attributes of humanity throng the social relations and community attributes of corporations described by s graph theory technology, and more comprehensively and accureately describe the demands, willingess and risk of clients. 

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