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Workflow Management Module
Abstracts and briefly describes business operation flow, coordinates between major Aladdin modules, offers better, visualized control on operation procedures, and reduces cost of system development and maintenance.

Financial institutions will involves in scenarios in regular business such as multi-people approval and cross-department approval. It is essential for financial institutions to face and resolve the problems referring to how to rapidly review clients’ applications and improve the work efficiency of the approval of business staff of different departments.

ALADDIN 2.0 workflow management provides multiple process design methods, supports multiple task assignment algorithms, can satisfies different application scenarios. As to nodes of each task, it supports multi-person parallel, bidding, or automatic program according to rule algorithms. It also provides monitoring data, system log and visualized reports. It defines detail level of permissions for different position nodes, reduces risk of information leak, and ensures security of node control.

ALADDIN Intelligent Financial Service Platform 2.0