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Facility Management Module
Facility management module is an important part of Aladdin Financial Platform 2.0. Facility management module plays a key bridging role through whole process of credit/loan management, which is s a major factor in determining and controlling loan amount.

The facility product tree can be predefined in facility management module, which hence allows separated control on credit risk and multi-dimension control. It supports connection to multiple channels, multiple product lines and multiple technology platforms. It centralizes facility management for all business systems involving credit facility across financial industry, and comprehensively, precisely and flexibly controls customer risks. Based on the requirements of the Basel New Capital Accord and banks’ own capital situations,facility management module helps clients manage risk-exposed facility calculation, credit/loan disbursement, and loan status monitoring, effectively controls credit risk and market risk, and in turn improves the quality of credit assets and the banks’ overall competitiveness in industry.

ALADDIN Intelligent Financial Service Platform 2.0