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  • Help financial institutions in buiding enterprise-level comprehensive risk management models that quantifies risks, improving the level of risk management refinement; achieving the scientific measurement of risk parameters through internal-rating measurement system.

  • Through statistical analysis and excavation technology, and combing with the business experiences of SCAI's experts, help financial institutions in improving marketing efficiency, reducing marketing cost, developeing profit revenue, and maximizing customer values.

  • Aiming at the known, the unknown and the complex application frand model, SCAI applies mixed detection methods and technology, precent the various frand of individuals teams' and event, effectively control false warning rate, truly acquire the real-time prevention capacity of transaction fraud.

  • SCAI Real-Time Intelligent Decision Engine helps enterprises separate complex business logics management from application coding, enabling rapid customization, release and adoption of new rules and strategies, which in turn helps enterprises gain competitive advantages and capture opportunities in a fast changing market environment.

  • Relying on the strong statistical analysis, model development detection ability, it helps financial institutions in precisely acquiring customers, effectively managing customer-acquired channles, rapidly decision making credit business, effectively blocking various fraud.

  • Through SCAI's strong data resources integration capacity, cloud service platform combines with coporte professtion and international expert technical team, creates marketing customer-acquired cloud service for customers, fraud detection cloud service and risk control data cloud service.

  • Adopts the most creative self-service data visulization technology, integrates the world's most advanced technology resource, break through traditional the limitation of BI platform, achieve the totally intelligence of BI.