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Cooperation Portraits
A tagged corporate customer model that descripts corporate characteristics based on its corporate nature, control relationships, assets and liabilities, credit status, and business behaviors.

Similar with people, corporations have social attributes in society, but also have different qualities that distinguish them from natural people. The relationship between corporations are more complicated, the attributes of corporations are multi-faceted, there may be multiple different relationships between two entities, and sometimes they may contradict each other. The relationship between corporations and the relationship between corporations and people are more complicated than the relationship between people that is more important for the corporations’ own operations.

SCAI combines social network analysis, fuzzy matching, clustering and other technologies to bring multi-dimensional corporate portraits based on social network relationships, highlighting the impact of corporate relationships on corporations, including holding relationships, guarantee relationships, and executive relations. At the same time, relying on the social relations and community attributes of corporations described by s graph theory technology, it more accurately reflect the social attributes of corporations and people in corporations.

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