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Loan Management Module
Meets the requirements for personal loans, business loans and SME(small-medium enterprises) loans from financial institutions and de facto financial institutions,  and satisfies regulators’ governance requirements on lending business and standards.

Credit business is the most asset business of commercial banks and the major profitable methods to commercial banks. With the dramatic development of China economy, the individual’s consumption capacity developed and there are plenty of SMEs, which generates huge market for credit business. At the same time, China has issued carious regulatory policies to control risks on credit marketing. Therefore, the credit management system that has completed functions and compliances with policies and regulations has become the key project of financial institutions.

ALADDIN 2.0 loan management provide the comprehensive solutions covering loan application, repayment and track of the overdue. It supports a wide variety of repayment schedules. The common repayment methods include fixed total periodical payment, fixed principal payment, lumpsum of principle and interest, fixed interest payment with a lumpsum on principle. Also supports special loan arrangements such as balloon loan, principal segmentation, adjustable interest rates, etc.The flexible repayment options allow business departments to design personalized repayment schedule in order to serve borrowers with different income and income growth levels. ALADDIN 2.0 loan management optimize resources such as customer traffic, low-cost capital, guarantee, insurance, risk control data, brokering capabilities, targets at enhancing system capacity and creating an information system which fully accommodates new credit businesses.

ALADDIN Intelligent Financial Service Platform 2.0